[urq] No start woes

Maurits Jonkergouw urq at moregraphics.nl
Tue Dec 9 13:00:28 EST 2003

I had a similar experience ones and after hours of debugging, it was just a blown fuel pump fuse, as a result from me shorted something. For some reason (safety I guess), the coil will not produce proper sparks if the FP fuse is not present or blown, at least in my car...


>OK folks, I'm looking for any/all suggestions folks want to throw out
>for me.
>The patient is an early '82 with the original WX/MAC-02 combination.
>For all of the other little issues this car had when it came to me,
>starting wasn't one of them.  Granted, with the Abt cam, it didn't
>want to idle real well until it was warmed up, but it always started
>and caught without any issues.
>The car has been off the road for a couple of weeks for non-engine
>related issues (rear brakes, heater core & hoses, swap stock boost
>gauge for CGT coolant temp gauge).
>Since I reinstalled the ECU (glovebox came out for heater core swap),
>the car is refusing to start.  Near as I can tell, there's no spark at
>the plugs.
>There's plenty of voltage at the coil and ECU, all grounds are clean
>and checked, and there's plenty of fuel being delivered.
>This one's frustrating the hell out of me since I didn't work on
>anything related to engine management and I'm not exactly finding an
>abundance of troubleshooting info for the WX engine.
>Thoughts and suggestions greatly appreciated!
>Thanks much,
>'82 ur-q
>'89 200tqa
>'94 S4


'86 quattro GV (WR)
'85 coupé KV
'82 coupé DD

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