[urq] Re: Hood vents & inserts?

Schaible, David David.Schaible at jrspharma.com
Wed Dec 10 15:52:41 EST 2003

Someone at the original upg meeting in Connecticut had hood vents in on
a gobi car,   I'm thinking mike dechenes,  he had plastic ones that one
side (probably em side) had deformed a little from heat, but they looked
pretty good, I,m sure you can see the pics wherever they are posted, I
don't recall 

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On my ur-q track car / rally car  project I will be putting in
vents.  The previous owner already cut holes in the hood so I'm
pretty much comitted at this point. :-)
  I'm looking for something simple but its hard to find.  This
is the closest I've come.

Althogh it appears that I'll have to buy two pairs as I need the
rectangular ones and not the angled one.  I still have yet to
get dimensions to see if they will fit.


--- DGraber460 at aol.com wrote:
> I remember some time back there was a discussion of hood vents
> for turbo 
> heat. Was there a consensus on what is tasteful, and
> tolerated. My hood is lightly 
> dimpled from hail and will be replaced in the future anyway,
> and was 
> wondering what some have found in there quest to find a
> palatable (read non-ricer {no 
> flames please, it's just an expression that truly conveys an
> image}) insert 
> etc.
> Or is conventional wisdom that its one of those "you just
> don't do that to an 
> Audi" type mods.
> Dennis
> Denver
> "Good judgment is a result of experience, which is often the
> result of poor 
> judgment"
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