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Martin Pajak Martin at quattro.ca
Fri Dec 12 10:05:56 EST 2003


Sounds like you have two problems.
The noise on decel is probably your prop shaft bearing, I had simular noises on my '83, or something actually rubbing on decel due to worn out or improperly aligned tranny mounts.
Or... just exhaust rubbing on the body under decel... also BTDT (no mid muffler mod caused it).

The pulling while in neutral might just thick cold oil dragging between the input and output shafts via synchros..  I bet this goes away after you drive it for a while and everything warms up....

HTH in some way.

Martin Pajak

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From: "Jason" <jason at omglol.com>
Date:  Fri, 12 Dec 2003 09:15:17 -0500

>Welp i got some weird stuff goin on.
>This morning when i went out to start my car... i put it in neutral on flat ground and hit the key.  My foot was still pushing in the clutch (habit), but after a second when i let off... the car seemed to creep ever so slowly forward.  It went a little more as i revved it.  After a minute it stopped.
>I've also been having strange noises coming from the front when "engine braking."  It's mainly on the expressway when i just let off the gas, it sounds(and feels) like a tire rubbing on a hard turn would. This is ruled out because, for one i am not turning, and also because it feels like its coming from the middle of the car.  It only makes the noises when in gear and when my foot is off the gas and clutch.
>It's  been asking for me to put in a clutch slave, but i havent the time lately.  Would this have any effect?
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