[urq] Freezing TB?

Louis-Alain Richard louis-alain.richard at palm.ca
Mon Dec 15 15:59:37 EST 2003

Hi all,


Just got 30 cm of fresh snow, so I _had_to_ take the Q for a spin,
especially that I spent all Saturday afternoon till 9:00 PM just to
repair the diff lock actuators...  The rear clevis pin was frozen to
death and the Bowden cable was in need of some lubrication.  And the
diff light switches don't work, the rear one is not there at all! 

But I know for sure now that the diffs are locking.


My question today is not related to diffs: after a long drive in the
snow, (part throttle, not on boost often), I noticed the idle was kind
of high (unintended acceleration again?) at 2500-3000 rpm.  I was doing
less then 50 mph for about an hour. After a coupla WOT acceleration (can
you imagine a Quattro behaving like a snowmobile), problem disappeared.


Could it be that snow entered the intake track and prevented the
throttle to close completely? How come this could be since there is an
air filter, an intercooler, a turbo before the TB? 


Did I forget to reinstall the air filter?


Louis-Alain Richard

Montreal PQ, Canada

1983 Quattro 85-D-900463


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