[urq] RE: My snow fun

Mark Walsh TriumphGT6 at mohawk.net
Tue Dec 16 10:41:03 EST 2003

We got a nice wet snow here in Connecticut the other day ( just so happens
to be the day that I planned on bringing the car to storage...I know,
procrastination ) So i warmed up the '83 and took it around the block to see
how bad the roads were so I could bring it to said storage, Well, I don't
think my Kumho's helped much in the line of traction...but I was all over
the place ...Weeeee, what fun...didn't realize how much power actually made
it to the rear without either of the diffs locked ( A project I have to
attend to in the warmer months...as I was told by the PO that one didn't
lock and one engaged but had to be disconnected from under the car )...but
aside from that it was fishtail fun!...Sad to think with some quality snows
this thing would eat Blazers for breakfast, and here I am, reduced to
driving my Colt Vista ( Perhaps -Nippon Quattro? ) for a winter
beater.Hmmmmm...has anyone known of anyone Ice Racing their UrQ? That sounds
like fun.:)

Mark Walsh-'83 UrQ - 900428
1989 "Dodge" Colt Vista 4WD ( Colttro? )
1968 Triumph GT6 ( and you thought UrQ's sucked to work on )

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