[urq] rough cold running, still

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Thu Dec 18 09:13:38 EST 2003

Well, my accumulator is not leaking, do they fail in other ways?

When I run the fuel pump with the car not running, I can hear fuel flowing
through the fuel distributor.  A couple of times when I had the car running
cold and was standing above the engine when the idle dropped so low that
the car stalled, I could hear the fuel still running through after the fuel
pump shut off for a second or so.  I'll check the plunger in there this

I did yesterday, however, jumper my fuel pump relay for 10 or so seconds
before cranking the car.  I still got the same poor running for ~10 minutes
before the car surged to life.

I've noticed recently that when I turn on my turn signal to pass, turn,
etc. the tach bounces, either continuously at a stop light, or just once
while driving dropping ~1000 rpm and coming back up quickly.  Now from
Scott Mockry's site, I see that the ECU, turn signals, IC, and fuel pump
all are on the same circuit.  I wonder if the ECU isn't getting proper
voltage when the car is cold and that is contributing to the poor running.
Though, performance doesn't suffer when turn signals cause the tach to
bounce.  I've got a new fusebox (under dash, got it cheap) to put into the
car, so depending on how cold it is up here in Chicago this weekend, that
may be a project as well, just need to steal some female molex pins from
work and borrow the crimper.

Ideas on what I still haven't checked?


Nathan Engelbert

> I stand corrected.  Of course, mine was leaking, so I'm sure that
> exacerbated my starting problems when cold or warm...
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>   The accumulator helps to hold pressure in
>  the system (like when the car is parked overnight). Ingo,  Nope, it
>  for when the car is parked for an hour or two to avoid a vapor lock.
>  Bill
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