[urq] RE : Brake Lines

Louis-Alain Richard louis-alain.richard at palm.ca
Fri Dec 19 15:02:10 EST 2003

43.3 inches exactly (1100 mm / 25.4 mm/in) for the passenger side. That
is the unfolded length.


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I take from what I'm seeing on FA the length is 1100MM?

So a 4' section will do me fine, correct?  3.6' exactly if I make one

Correct me if wrong - Thanks,


> > Anyone know length of right front brake line for '83 Ur Quattro from
> > MC to caliper?  
> I *think* the family album lists lengths of the hard lines (so the
> know how long to cut them).
> -- 
> Huw Powell

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