Subject: re. [urq] ACNA support for urq owners--PLEASE READ

Andrew Finney afinney1 at
Mon Dec 22 12:36:56 EST 2003



Here is a description of a part I tried to obtain from
the dealer:

Exhuast downpipe support for '83 Quattro - 65mm?
Exhaust clamp used to 
support the Downpipe hanging from the transmission. 
The clamp was 
apparently only available if you brought the entire
downpipe assembly for 
around $700.  Since the downpipe is still good, I
ended up having to 
fabricate a provisional solution and am still looking
for a correct clamp.  
This part should be available separately and cost no
more than $20 for 
a super high quality part and much less really.  i may
have been able 
to fab. somthing from galvinized strap, but I think
this is one part 
that should be made available.

No part number is available, and I tried using a 62mm
clamp from a '87 
5000 turbo quattro, but it couldn't be made to work.

Thanks for you efforts on this, as I'm sure the
collaborative effort 
will be very positive indeed.  I support the Quattro
Club as I find the 
benefits of  discounts from my local dealer are much
greater than the 
annual dues.

I have EXACTLY the same issue on my '84 with that
clamp that is missing. Plus the million dollar servo,
of course.

Andrew Finney
1983 and 1984 UrQs.

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