Other hi-po AWD Turbo coupess, wasRE: [urq] Why should Audi care/urqs aren't worth jack...(long)

Brady Moffatt bradym at sympatico.ca
Thu Dec 25 12:33:26 EST 2003

Merry Christmas!


Porsche 959,
Audi S2,
Toyota Celica All-Trac/GT4, 3 gens,
Eagle Talon TSI AWD, 2 gens,
Porsche 911 Twin Turbo, 2 gens,
Audi TT,
Nissan Skyline GTR, 4(I think) gens,
Mazda 323 GTX,
Subaru XT Turbo,
Ford RS200,
Peugeot 205T16,
Mini Metro 6R4,
Audi Sport Quattro,
Lamborghini Diablo VT (does it really need a turbo?),
Lamborghini Murcielago (same as above),

And probably a few others. I'm sure I probably missed a few Group B
homologation specials, too. But this is a start.

As to charm and reliability, I'd have to drive all the others on the list to
make that decision fairly. Sounds like a fun goal to aim for!

Urq, 4kq, Z

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I thought I'd chime in again,(and it's chrismans eve with not much to
do....) even though I don't own a UR.
One question: How many high performance , turbo charged, all wheel drive,
coupe's have there been since the early eighties?

Also, how many of these vechicle's have the sort of charm and reliablity the
UR's seem to have?

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