[urq] 83 fuel problem solved-urq gas tanked

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If you have found no rubbish in the bottom of the tank and the addition of
compressed air from the bottom clears the problem then your tank vent system
may be blocked. Had this happen once on my Coupe quattro. With the vent
blocked, after a few minutes running a partial vaccum occurs in the tank
starving the pump of fuel. An easy way to test if this is the case is to run
the car until the starvation occurs, stop with engine still running and open
fuel filler cap. If the problem goes away then the vent is blocked.
Hope this helps.
All the best


87 WR (being run in after 2.5 year rebuild)
85 Coupe quattro
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> My search for my mysterious fuel starvation problem, after replacing
> everything except the gas tank, John at Sport Wheels discovered that the
> amperage in the fuel pump went down when my fuel pump would start to
> scream, not up like I would expect an overworking pump to do. He (and I
> previously) had visually inspected the tank and found it clear without
> any crap in it. But when the pump would start screaming (after about 5
> minutes of perfect running) he pulled the main line from the outlet at
> the tank and blew compressed air into the tank -Voila! - car would run
> perfect for another 5 minutes or so then scraming pump. Pulled the line
> again, compressed air into the tank- perfection! - evidently something
> (maybe the "sock" that went around the inlet on some cars?) is stuck
> behind the baffle and takes a few minutes to plug up the outlet enough
> to cause the pump to fail and fuel starvation. Has anyone heard of this?
> John believes the tank cannot be repaired as he has tried to get the
> debris out of the tank but can't. Does anyone have an extra tank they
> would like to sell?  A rhetorical  question as they are fairly rare I
> suppose. I believe that a 4000 quattro would work (with less capacity)?
> Tank comes out easy enough so BTDT"s on refurbishing/cleaning the tank
> would be helpful. Happy Holiday's to all!
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