[urq] 3B urq 944t IC projekt: Underway

Martin Pajak Martin at quattro.ca
Mon Dec 29 13:14:18 EST 2003


Too bad you didn't grab the Coupe alternator... it would have solved your misalignment problem... I will also attempt the 944 intercooler this spring... please keep me posted, I would love to help out even if just via internet.... 


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From: "Jon Archibald" <urquattro at comcast.net>
Date:  Sun, 28 Dec 2003 22:16:24 -0800

>Okay kids, at the end of my first session on the project, the alternator is moved to the port side of the engine, thanks to the bracketry I got from a junkyard Coupe GT. Unfortunately, despite bolting right up, the pulley appears to be misaligned by about 3/16", so I will need to trim the tab on the alternator to set it right. Also, the belt will need to be about 30mm longer, so I'll visit the FLAPS tomorrw and see what I can get sorted out. With the alternator and stock IC out, I did my first "test cram" of the 944t IC. Yes, it fits, but just BARELY...more tomorrow, hopefully
>couple pics at the bottom :
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