[urq] RE : metric tools - not so dumb question?

Louis-Alain RICHARD laraa at sympatico.ca
Tue Dec 30 15:24:30 EST 2003

> All of the converting back and forth does make it confusing. I guess
> over there in England you are so happy that all of the measurements will
> be rationalized with the rest of Europe :^)

Being a Quebecer (French-Canadian), this is my territory (North-american
person speaking an european language).

Relation between MPG (in US gallons) and liters/100 km is very easy:

Just use my pre-calculated formulae:
235/mpg = L/100km
or the inverse (obviously): 235 (divided by) L/100km = MPG (US)

Example: 10 L/100km is 23.5 MPG (US)

For you Brits (and non-metric-yet fellow Canadians) just add 20% to the MPG
(US) figure and you'll get the MPG (imperial).

So, 10 L/100km is 28.2 MPG (imperial).

Amusing fact: when I was looking into the mileage (or kilometreage...)
numbers for the 2004 Volkswagen models, I found out many confusing facts:

- US EPA and Canadian EPA-equivalent (Transports-Canada) don't use the same
standards for their calculations. 
- www.VW.ca in English used to convert US-EPA figures to metric units
- www.VW.ca in French used to convert Transport-Canada figures to Imperial
gallon MPG units. 
- www.VW.com for USA showed EPA US-gallon figures.

Result?  All 3 sites were showing different numbers, all true!

Babel tower you said?

Louis-Alain "Lead-foot" Richard
83 urQ,
not able to better 13L/100km (18 MPG-US, 22 MPG-Imperial), no matter the

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