[urq] WOT system and two way valve questions

Newsh at aol.com Newsh at aol.com
Tue Dec 30 18:37:09 EST 2003

Hi All 

I recently had a problem with my Idle switch not closing and while fixing it 
thought I'd give the whole WOT system an overhaul, the switch didn't seem t 
working as I expected it to.

I've been doing some searches and have come up with some conflicting 
information as regards the operation of the WOT switch and two way valve.
To clarify matters could someone please tell me for definate. 

1. With the throttle fully open is the WOT switch closed or open? 

(In other words does the "two way valve" _receive_ 12v at WOT?)

2. Which way should the check valve pass air? From black to blue or blue to 

3. Can anyone point me at a decent explanation of how that little nest of 
tubes and valves actually works?



84 Treser WR

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