[urq] Vacuum Line Replacement

n-engelbert at terrans.net n-engelbert at terrans.net
Fri Nov 21 16:56:36 EST 2003

So, next week I plan to replace the vacuum lines in the UrQ as a matter of
good measure.  I've been having a rough warmup with very little power until
about 4k rpm, crappy idle, etc. so it's the reverse of a 4k rpm cutout, but
at some point in warmup the car switches to running beautifully.  Just
wondering if anyone knows off hand how much of each line to buy and cut to

On the poor warmup front, though, the coolant temp sensor at the front of
the head measures 1561 ohms to ground when cold, hot, warm, etc. so I'll be
ordering one of those too, I guess.  It's my understanding it should be
over 1k cold and around 100 warm?

I'll get some duty cycle readings upon replacement then too.


Nathan Engelbert
83 UrQ 900453

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