[urq] Audi Sighting on I-95

Pedro Faria quattrocs at hotmail.com
Sun Nov 23 19:47:55 EST 2003

on my way to florida i saw a v8 burgundy with light interior (possibly gray 
or beige), i passed you and flashed my hazards a couple of times, i was in a 
thunderbird (ford), around mile 128-132 i forget, in Virginia going south.

I just made it to florida, orlando. it was a good trip, SANDHILLS rally was 
awesome some great action

Carlos, i saw your car at the hotel, but i didnt see you run, or during the 
rally, i went to ss1 and ss3. I saw the crash on ss1 the irish evo, i helped 
to rolling it right

unfortunatly trying to see my wife as soon as i could, i got clocked doing 
104 on 65 on i-75 in georgia, 50 miles from florida state line. the good 
thing about it you should say is the cop told me i could do 11mph over the 
speed limit. lastly my speedo doesnt go faster than 85mph. hmmmm

other than that great trip

later guys
i'll be off for a few days

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