NOT RE: [urq] An employee of our local Audi Dealer got on a local forum...

Buchholz, Steven Steven.Buchholz at
Wed Nov 26 11:48:52 EST 2003

... no steroids here ... but I *am* open to suggestions ... ;-)

I haven't seen any odd behaviour on the lists myself, but just making a WAG
... it appears that you are using "Reply All" ... which means that you
copied the main qlist ... to which I'll bet you aren't subbed ... and I'll
bet the qlist server is simply sending messages to you indicating that your
message is being rejected because you are not a subscriber.  As I said, I'm
just taking a guess ... but the way I've got the lists I admin set up
messages from unsubbed addresses do not get a peep from the server ...
hopefully that will minimize the spam you guys don't see that I have to deal
with.  On that note ... one thing I'll say about the new server is that it
seems to do a better job of snagging spam ... I'm still looking, but I might
just be able to open the list up so that you don't need to be subbed to

... and while I'm posting ... I want to wish all my comrades-in-arms here on
the urq list a Happy Thanksgiving and all the best wishes.  Here's to you
all having better luck than I seem to be!  (last Saturday my only legal to
drive on the roads Audi got rear ended!  We're all OK and the car is still
quite drivable, but as is often the case here, the woman who hit me had no

Steve B.
San Jose, Kaleefohnia (USA)
... where even our Governor admits to the steroids ... and other things  :-)
> perhaps our current problem is being caused by your(mine) 
> settings at Audifans since the reorganization or redo thang 
> is ongoing this week and things are weird here too with 
> audifans, like the quattro-bounces at audifans freak that has 
> showed up, sheet is Steve on steroids?

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