[urq] 2006 Urq!!!

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu Apr 1 12:59:30 EST 2004

Hey Guys-
I just read on the Audi Site www.audiusa.com that Quattro Gmbh will, in association with MTM be "remanufacturing" the urquattro.  They will take an original quattro in from a customer and refurbish it over a period of 6 months for ~US$20,000 with new paint, carpet and upholstery, as well as a leather covered dash with unique Urq plaque where the quattro badge is on later dashes.  The bottom will be re-coated as well.  Upgrades will include lighter, more modern suspension components including better, lighter brakes, engine management including fuel injection, HID lighting with an all new complete wiring harness with all models getting a modern fusebox.  They will take the 20 years of learned turbo technology to upgrade the car with more modern intake plumbing via minor re-arangement of some under-hood systems, including some deleted items, such as injector cooling fan, that will no longer be needed, more modern turbo and a better intercooler with proper ducting.  Customers will have the choice of keeping the locking differential or converting to current technology.  Customers can expect some modern touches like one touch up/down windows, and more efficient heat a/c systems.  They say the current technolgies will improve power to 285 bhp at 5500 rpma and 310 torque at 3300 rpm, while getting mileage of 22/29 (city/hwy), some of which is attributed to the car weighing 200 lbs less!!  Oh one last thing april fools.  Have a great day!

'84 urq (for the most part) and loving it that way

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