[urq] First of many urq questions

Graham Allan allan at physics.umn.edu
Fri Apr 2 18:22:22 EST 2004

We're replacing the engine in our '84 urq - it spun a bearing last
summer, and after the head was also found to have cracks we gave up on
the idea of rebuilding, and are putting in another known-good WX
engine. I know an MC would also be a good choice but I wanted to avoid
replacing all the FI and engine wiring.

As pretty much a beginner mechanic... the biggest thing I've done
before is an engine swap in my fiat 124 spider - a world apart from the
urq! - I'll probably have a lot of questions...

One thing we're wondering about is the idea of installing a saab apc
system on the wx. Simple enough in principle (though quite hard enough
for me), and looking through the archives there are some apocryphal
reports that it has been done before ('83 urq) but no real details. To
start with I can't see where one could mount the knock sensor. My wife
Jenny (the true owner of the urq - I just get to work on it) asked on
the main quattro list, but there were no responses. I was hoping
someone here might have some ideas. There is a good-looking mounting
boss on the block next to #5 cylinder, just by the heater pipe, but I
wonder if that would work well enough. I'd think #3 would be a better
position to detect any knock.

Any thoughts appreciated even if "thats a stupid idea"!


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