[urq] Oilcooler Shroud GB

Jim Haseltine jim_haseltine at ntlworld.com
Sat Apr 3 13:42:34 EST 2004

I was going to try fitting it today but the subject car is outside and it's
been raining all the time.
It's a WR shroud so I can't try it on my MB which just happens to be
immobile in my garage until Phil Payne can call and (hopefully) confirm that
the reason it runs like sh*t is that it has low fuel pressure.

I might get a chance to offer it up tomorrow but any serious car work will
get me in deep trouble.....

I believe that the inside edge of the shroud is a little shy of the last
fixing point (the one closest to the alternator but I don't think that it
will be a problem.


Jim Haseltine

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> Hi All,
> One of our Euro listers, Jim Haseltine, has actually sourced one of these
> very shrouds for his own use.  He was kind enought o forward me his
> and allow me to forward them to you.
> Let me know what you think.  I have not yet rec'd the additional pics I
> asked for from the seller or a finalized price.  I'll kee pthe interested
> apprised.
> Mike
> "Oil cooler shroud arrived today.
> Good but not great (although anything is better than nothing).
> Flexible plastic, would be better if it was at least 1mm thicker.
> The cooler slot is hand-cut so not perfectly shaped, but nobody is going
> be looking at it when it's on the car..
> I've been looking at it again - I suspect it is formed by heat molding
> plastic sheet over an original shroud (or using a mold taken from a
> judging by a couple of patches which look very similar to blemishes that
> I've seen on OE examples.
> The shroud actually performs two functions, it channels airflow through
> intercooler & oil cooler and it also braces the bottom of the front
airdam -
> run at high speed without one and the airdam is forced back so that it
> touches the alternator pulley and belt. If it happens enough times the
> pulley cuts a hole in the airdam.
> Although the shroud is lighter than OE and flexible (which the OE isn't)
> pretty sure that it is good enough to brace the airdam."
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