[urq] West Coast UPG

Rich Letsinger ricoletsinger at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 15 17:44:38 EDT 2004

I agree on the Moab comment.  Been there a couple
times and the roads aren't entertaining or empty.  Be
nice for group pictures but little else.

Another concern we've got is cops.  I must say of all
the states I've lived in, the least troublesome are in
OR.  They only use laser on I5, and not often.  The
locals in the country are usually at a restaurant or
driving around with thier x-band on by accident.

But I'd probably be able to make northern California
too.  Might have to trailer the old girl 9/10 of the
way though.  Hey, how about Thunder Hill.  Then we
could really see how they handle on a twisy road.


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