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Anyone got video conferencing??? HAA HAA....Just kidding!

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The Salt Lake / Park City with mountain roads and likely cooler temperature
seems to have the best location as far as drives for listers in various
places.  That gives everyone a day drive instead of next door for some and
two-day drives for others.

LA/SD via I-15
Bay via I-80
WA/OR via 84 thru Boise
Denver via I-70/80

Plus a bit extra for people in S. Jose, Portland, Pueblo, etc... and
probably more for Santa Fe, Phoenix...but it seems that most would dodge the
two-day + overnight in seedy motel curse.


Daryn Baker wrote:

>As I said, it definitely favors south bayers. But so what? Any location 
>you pick will favor certain folks, right? Mt. Hamilton is just a suggestion
to be thrown in with the rest of them. Why not evaluate the good and bad
points of all of the locations and then take a vote or something like that?
>>>>"Brandon Rogers" <brogers at terrix.com> 4/19/04 12:40:31 PM >>>
>Not necessarily....it's still on the WC...and frankly it is more 
>convenient to more people because it's not at the northwest extreme of 
>the country.
>Denver (where it's far regardless)
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>>Not to be too pointed, but if you guys are going to
>>have it at Mt. Hamilton (or even Mendocino) you're
>>having a "S.F. UPG," not a "West Coast UPG."
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