[urq] West Coast UPG

Paul Lethbridge paul.lethbridge at ansys.com
Wed Apr 21 00:36:42 EDT 2004

Dear listers,
I'm glad to see the thread has come back to a West Coast event that is
more central (oxymoron?) for both CA and CO listers, the original
I was the somewhat biased lister  (blister?) who nominated Park City, I
live in the area and would certainly be willing to organize things....
Look forward to such events as a Temple Square UrQ parade...Can we get
enough UrQ to encircle Temple Square? 
More realistically though there is plenty of twisty mountain road drives
in Uintas area (East'ish of Park City), and if you want to get more
adventurous lots of graded back roads to test the paintwork...All easily
accessed via I-80.
Kind regards,

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