[urq] UPG-CT Date..Finally!! June 12th Response ASAP please

Mike Sylvester msylvester at verizon.net
Fri Apr 23 12:38:06 EDT 2004

FYI on PayPal.

If your account accepts credit card payments, you get dinged the % on every
payment not just the CC.

Mike Sylvester

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Great! We're rollin' now!!

A couple of questions:
What time do things get going on Saturday the 12th? The reason I'm asking is
that I'm wondering whether I should book a room for the Friday night. I
think it was a relatively civilized start last year, ie. not too early.

Also, I have a Canadian Paypal account, which means credit card based. I
think you get dinged a couple (3%) of percent on those. Add it in, or do you
prefer another payment method?

See ya on the 12th!

Cheers, Brady
urq, 4kq, Z

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