[urq] Rubber Connectors

Bob bob at audisport.com
Wed Aug 4 11:43:06 EDT 2004

IIRC Blau had a 'kit' that had all the rubber mounting stuff in one 
package that was very reasonable.

Louis-Alain_Richard at computerhorizons.com wrote:

>Mike. my parts guys found some rad mounts from a VW Fox that cost 3$ each 
>(Brasil made, of course) and were quite similar (if smaller...). Beware 
>that the threads are not the same IIRC. I used them for the oil cooler and 
>the rebuilt radiator.
>Please send the beer this way...
>Louis-Alain Richard
>Does anyone have a non dealer source for the metric rubber bushes with a
>studat each end? They are used to isolate the radiator, intercooler etc.
>Audi want $20 Cdn for the small one (443 121 273 E)  that attaches the 
>radiator bracket to
>the top of the front clip.
>I guess its made from some ultra exotic rubber, it's the same price as a
>case of beer!
>Cheers, Mike
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