[urq] Failed emissions

Tony Lum tlum at flash.net
Fri Aug 6 18:36:32 EDT 2004

At 03:21 PM 8/6/2004, Buchholz, Steven wrote:

>I don't know how tough the emissions tests are in NV, but it used to be
>possible to get an urq w/o cat to pass smog here in CA, but I suspect that
>Smog Check II eliminates that.  In fact over the past few days I've noted
>the fact I've seen a lot of not so old cars with the red paper number tags
>in the window that indicate that they had problems passing smog ...
>Steve B
>San Jose, CA (USA)

Hi Steve,

Just had my WX engine pass smog and for AWD, the test is the same as it 
was: tailpipe emissions of HC and CO at idle and 2500 rpm.  Passed easily, 
unlike my NG equipped 87.5 CGT which failed the new SMOG NOx test on the 2 
wheel dyno.  This new test is very tough-my CGT used to pass easily smog 
checks.  Frank Kasan of European Car Service in Walnut Creek says many cars 
are failing this new test.  Even new BMWs with just 35K on the clock are 
failing.  To get them to pass, they run 5 gallons of race gas, make sure 
timing is spot on to very slightly retarded and in one case (200 turbo) 
they had to remove the thermostat to get the engine to run cooler and 
reduce the high combustion temps that produce NOx.  It doesn't help that 
the Pass/Fail specs are not vehicle specific and are computed by year and 
GVW  >:(

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