[urq] Help with Urq Boost flat spot

Bill Bennett ur.quattro at verizon.net
Tue Aug 10 01:04:36 EDT 2004

Ingo! do you have specific voltage test results at the fuel pump(don't
forget the ground side), 15 at the ECM? over 12 v.and the coil, voltage drop
though the intake air temp sensor, if so post 'em, and O2 sensor range
voltage, from . minimum what to .maximum what. I assume you do not have a
labscope or you would have posted waveforms for viewing. the fuel pressure
tests were normal? right? the first thing you check on a CIS car after you
make sure the fuel pump has more than twelve volts.Bestus,, Bill
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> After more thorough testing, it appears to be electrical-related.  I was
> noticing the symptoms would always appear around 4k and beyond with WOT or
> thereabouts, so I checked/fiddled (removed and reattached) most of the
> at the front of the motor, including the coolant temp sending ones.  And
> seemed to get rid of the symptom UNTIL the car was fully warmed-up -- then
> back to the same situation.  Ideas?
> Ingo
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