[urq] H&R F springs are #810 22 100 and have bent left front strut housing

steven j michellepfeiffersx at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 10 21:35:28 EDT 2004

One shop told me my left 'front wheel bearing housing
with strut tube' is bent - so I have my ear to the
ground looking for a replacement.  Early car #497. 
Actually I found 2 sellers already.

A different shop was critical of my RED front springs
because there were a few black rubber blocks between
the coils, perhaps compensating for lowering the car
too much?  So while I was looking at the strut tonight
I learned about the springs.  They are H&R and I saw
part # 810 22 100 in white - anyone know if they are
proper for the URQ or did PO get a good buy on 4000s
springs and black blocks??

steve murray


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