[urq] muffler and window lift for an urQuattro.

Brandon Rogers brogers at terrix.com
Thu Aug 12 11:24:54 EDT 2004


IMO it's hard to beat the quality, performance, sound, and look of the OE
rear muffler.  Yes they are pricey but to me worth it.

I had an aftermarket unit that maybe flowed a tiny bit better, but didn't
have the sound or look (it was single tip).

You may want to try looking for a CGT donor for a window reg.  I have not
looked in TFA but ISTR VIN splits on the urq and on the CGT - so some work
some do't I think.  Or maybe you just need to drill new holes for some.  I
don't know....


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> Hi there,
> Not much traffic on the list these days...
> Anyhow: my (stock) rear muffler is going south real fast (nice sound!) and
> I was wondering what you guys did when it was the time to replace it.
> Chris at force5 has a used one for me, but he is 400 km (and one border away)
> from here so it might not be $$$ to ship it here.
> So, is there an East-Canadian urQ owner that is willing to part with a
> known good OEM unit? I do want to keep the sound and the look OEM...
> I know Martin P did re-skin a unit, but mine has a broken bracket too.
> However, the pipes are still perfect. Might be worth the hassle to bring
> the unit to a good shop to have it repaired...
> Same car, another "hiccup".
> Monday morning, leaving for work, when opening both windows, heard a
> "crack" sound from the passenger side window. Hum, will it go up ? Yes, no
> problem but window is stuck shut. Good news since it is raining each other
> day...
> Called a coupla scapyards: no luck. Dealer: yes, there is one left in the
> country, 485$. Whew!, I think I will try to repair it instead... Hey, it's
> been a while since I had to open the toolbox...
> Do you think I can repair it with the parts scavenged from a 4kq parts
> car?
> If not, then I think I will follow the "lightweight" route: an old leather
> belt attached to the bottom of the window, and a hook crudely bolted to
> the armrest...
> Louis-Alain
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