[urq] muffler and window lift for an urQuattro.

daniel darlington lanky_d at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 12 14:50:19 EDT 2004

as for your window, i used a regulator from an'86 4k. 
i had to drill a few new holes and move some bits
around only to have the window only move half the
distance, and you have to pull on it to get it to go
back up.  for the drivers' side, i got a new regulator
(different look, but it fit) and that has lasted only
2 years.  i'm looking to just replace the power units
with manual ones from a 4k 5+5 or something.  so if
anyone has these to get rid of, let me know.
--- Louis-Alain_Richard at computerhorizons.com wrote:

> Hi there,
> Not much traffic on the list these days...
> Anyhow: my (stock) rear muffler is going south real
> fast (nice sound!) and 
> I was wondering what you guys did when it was the
> time to replace it. 
> Chris at force5 has a used one for me, but he is 400 km
> (and one border away) 
> from here so it might not be $$$ to ship it here.
> So, is there an East-Canadian urQ owner that is
> willing to part with a 
> known good OEM unit? I do want to keep the sound and
> the look OEM... 
> I know Martin P did re-skin a unit, but mine has a
> broken bracket too. 
> However, the pipes are still perfect. Might be worth
> the hassle to bring 
> the unit to a good shop to have it repaired...
> Same car, another "hiccup".
> Monday morning, leaving for work, when opening both
> windows, heard a 
> "crack" sound from the passenger side window. Hum,
> will it go up ? Yes, no 
> problem but window is stuck shut. Good news since it
> is raining each other 
> day...
> Called a coupla scapyards: no luck. Dealer: yes,
> there is one left in the 
> country, 485$. Whew!, I think I will try to repair
> it instead... Hey, it's 
> been a while since I had to open the toolbox...
> Do you think I can repair it with the parts
> scavenged from a 4kq parts 
> car?
> If not, then I think I will follow the "lightweight"
> route: an old leather 
> belt attached to the bottom of the window, and a
> hook crudely bolted to 
> the armrest...
> Louis-Alain
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daniel a. darlington

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