[urq] Friday the 13th - I mean Failed Emissions part2

AudiQtroCp at aol.com AudiQtroCp at aol.com
Fri Aug 13 20:25:37 EDT 2004

Ok, I did a little tweaking on the car and took it for a re-test.  I  tuned 
it by ear to where it sounded happiest.  (which was maybe a quarter  turn 
anyway)  BTW, the car runs great.
Failed again, this time the HC were about the same, and the CO shot to the  
Bought a multitester with frequency function and got her up to operating  
The settings seemed to be opposite to what the Bently said, clockwise -  
lower duty cycle, counterclockwise - higher duty cycle. (switched the leads to  be 
The best I could achieve was 70%, this was going counterclockwise until the  
car would nearly stall.  If I went clockwise to where the car sounded good  
(and where I started) it was in the 300% range.
Sounds like I got a bad part?  Which one?
thanks guys

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