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Tue Aug 17 03:36:53 EDT 2004

Bill- try  <http://www.arp-bolts.com/pages/products/products.html> check 
out the head studs etc. They like to list the Audi stuff under VW, so 
don't give up. You can get a nice multilayer metal headgasket from the 
AAN part # is 034 103 383AD  pretty sure it works with a 10v. 

>Date: Sun, 15 Aug 2004 21:45:42 -0700
>From: "Bill Bennett" <ur.quattro at verizon.net>
>Subject: [urq] Head Gasket stuff
>To: <urq at audifans.com>
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>So this week at work I am moding a 951 with APR cylinder head studs and a
>multilayer metal cylinder head gasket (parts provided by the customer) these
>are bitchin' parts!! I want them for my Bitch and for my Son's MC Bitch too,
>before I embarass myself asking the client where he found those studs and
>the metal gasket for his 951, does the list have suggestions? and yeah the
>951 was at horsepowerfreaks first. friggin' 402 whp, with an air mass
>sensor, biggy turbo, stock intercooler, adjustable wastegate, and Monday it
>will roll out the door with the studs and head gasket from way north. Bill

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