[urq] my wreck - and insurance question help!

Andrew Fawcett fawcettweb at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 17 18:12:01 EDT 2004

To all,

Some of you may have heard about my recent auto
accident that caused the demise of my '84 Audi
Quattro.  As a rare car, it is worth more then the
average 20 year old car.  I was wondering if any of
you could give me tips on how to prove this to my
insurance agent.  So far, an appraisal from 2001 and a
handful of others selling for more then I'm asking has
not been enough!

If you want to see her, including the carnage and
explanation, go to 


For those of you who look at the site and decide I
have too much time on my hands - an auto accident will
give you that!  (yes, I am ok).

Andrew Fawcett

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