[urq] Rear Lid Latch Release

Wolff wolff at turboquattro.com
Mon Aug 23 10:13:12 EDT 2004

Actuallly, I'd worry more about the lower lift strut mount on the body
getting worked from a lot of use. I have seen a broken one. The captured nut
breaks inside the unreachable part of the car. When you open the lid, don't
let it swing hard up to the end of the travel of the strut as that seems to
be the most tension. Watch the bottom mount next time you open it and you'll
see the car body flex a bit. I just discovered on Saturday that the right
side was loose on mine. Luckily, the nut hadn't broken yet and I was able to
tighten it.

Not sure about the cable breakage question.
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> Just a thought here (yes that happens from time to time) what happens when
> the release cable breaks, is the latch function like an old VW bug and the
> lid is unlocked or is the lid locked with the dubious joy of trying to put
> socket through a rear speaker opening? The reason I ask is because I open
> the lid every time I drive my bitch to unplug and then plug in her battery
> maintainer from 110vac. Best Regards, Bill
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