[urq] Still without exhaust

Bill Bennett ur.quattro at verizon.net
Wed Dec 1 01:06:33 EST 2004

Anton, as I have said to you before, send the stebro stuff back, and either
engage a local company to build it while you watch or go to
http://www.dahlbackracing.se/english/main.asp and click on exhaust and order
the ten valve URQ cat back system. I have never heard anyone say bad things
about Dahlback. You could ask Chris Semple about them
chris at forcefiveauto.com  I understand he is neighbors with them, and Chris
is "on the list" unlike dan of stebro. you are letting this go on too long
Anton, go kick some ass and get exhaust in your bitch. Bill
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> Here it is a day away from December and I'm still without an exhaust
system. I filed a fraud complaint against Stebro and Dan the Man at Stebro
was nice enough to give me a UPS number so I can send back the center
section they did eventually send me. He claims to have no idea where the
rear section is.
> I considered keeping the center section and having a local shop make up
the rear or ordering the European rear section I've seen. My fear is that my
mechanic believes the center section is 3 cm too short so ordering a rear
section may not fit. That leaves either a custom cat-back of custom rear
> It blows my mind how Stebro can be so screwed up. No apology, no admission
of responsibility, no offer to kick back on the price to make up for things.
Nothing. That kind of thing is alien to me and I can't understand it.
> Anton
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