[urq] SS exhausts

Frederick Smith smitty at pcrealm.net
Fri Dec 3 23:56:45 EST 2004

Opinions are just that, opinions. I respect Jim Hazeltines right to his 
view, I don't agree however.
Over the years, when Ivor was the US distributor, I purchased and 
installed five of the Scorpion
systems, two on my own vehicles, one on Greg Haymann's car and the other 
two on the cars of
urQ friends. All fit without difficulty, one hour including removal of 
the original system.

My system has been on my car for seven years, Gregs about six years. We 
are using the Rapid
Parts VW chain reinforced hangers ($8.00 ea.), that is the only 
difference from the stock
system install. Actually the Scorpion system is much lighter, in weight 
than the stock exhaust, so
the reinforced hangers aren't necessary due to the 
weight................ they just last longer it seems.

Other opinions aside, I would buy the Scorpion again, IF I ever need 
one. That doesn't look
like something that will be necessary for a long time though.


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