[urq] Fw: Bill, can you post this on Audifans for me?

Bill Bennett ur.quattro at verizon.net
Wed Dec 8 01:53:19 EST 2004

1.listers, look at the bottom part of this message....... the rest is for
Eric.so don't read until you see blue... OK?  Why not Eric, I respect your
profession, and if you go over there, keep your friggin' head down, and wear
the best vest.now about the resource, impressive looking product, though, NO
wait! one could spend the same in the US for rusting metal, this looks like
a good deal even if .5" smaller than the Dahlback system, now Eric about
that "Folks" can come listen to your's, you meant URQ Listers only, imagine
the grunge that could show up on your base in front of a superior officer.
BuMerW 325 I drivers with pierced whatever places they do, yeah I have heard
they are weird, worse than any AUDI driver would dream of. in case you did
not know, BuMerW latest service action for their new cars involves replacing
bearings in the engine, Audi's is software for the NAV system. gueeze.
Godspeed to you Eric.
         Regards, Bill ps yeah well slightly carried away by commentary
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Subject: Bill, can you post this on Audifans for me?

> Bill,
> I wanted to chime in on the exhaust thread, but can't do it from work.  I
have been running the Custom Auto Craft SS exhaust for a year now and LOVE
it.  It is a very inexpensive SS unit that is nicer than any other
aftermarket exhausts I have seen.  Not to loud either.  I would recommend it
to anyone.  Folks can come listen to mine if they want.  Their site is
http://www.custom-auto-craft.com/ <http://www.custom-auto-craft.com/>
> Thanks
> Eric
> Capt Eric "Dutch" Harten
> Task Force Paul Revere
> Deputy Chief - Test & Integration
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