[urq] WX Engine Oil Pressure Switches

Alan Pemberton alan_pemberton at telus.net
Wed Dec 8 23:24:04 EST 2004

Steve - it's stock.  VIN FA900778 with a build date of 2/85 and engine code
stamp that reads XWX000 831* which corresponds.

It's quite possible that, at some time in the past, the blue/black connector
has been transferred from the lower pressure switch to the higher pressure
switch.  What is strange is that there is no second wire - just been to have
a second look as the engine is apart at the moment, going through its
mid-life exhaust manifold crisis.

I'll just work on the assumption that the 1.8 bar switch is a plug and a
part that I'll never have to replace....

85 urq (Canadian)

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... is your car ... namely the engine ... stock?  What you are
describing is the set up for the cars with the "dynamic" oil pressure
sensing system ... an MC engine would have this, but I was not aware of
it being installed on a WX.

The dynamic system uses the standard 0.3 bar switch to directly light
the warning light on the dash.  The 1.8 bar switch goes to a module
which also receives info on engine RPM ... if the engine speed is above
a certain value (2500 RPM?) and the 1.8 bar switch is not activated the
module lights the warning lamp ...

It sounds like your car is wired the way it should be for a WX.

Steve B
San Jose, CA (USA)
> There are two switches on the driver's side of the block - an
> upper, white
> body, 056 919 081E, marked 1.8 bar and a lower, black body,
> 056 919 081C,
> marked 0.15-0.45 bar.  There is a connector with blue black
> wire to the
> upper sensor and no connector on the lower sensor.  Bentley
> shows a 0.3 bar
> switch with blue black connecting wire but I can't find a
> reference to the
> 1.8 bar switch.
> Is the connector on the wrong switch and am I missing a wire
> for the second
> switch?
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