[urq] Cruise control vacuum+electrical switch removal

Louis-Alain Richard laraa at sympatico.ca
Fri Dec 10 18:17:55 EST 2004

At 11:52 AM 12/10/2004, Andrew Finney wrote:
>I didn't know. Well, guess what I'm getting on my next trip to the
>yard. I assume the '85 and later use a different style switch, right?

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 De la part de Tony Lum
The newer ones have a square body and are easier to disassemble and 
clean.  The old round style is held together by 800 (just kidding ;) 
interlocking teeth and are a bitch to get apart.  Once apart, you clean the 
switch contacts with DeOxit5 or similar, then clean and lube (I use 
silicone vacuum grease) the O ring on the plunger.  I've seen 100 ohms on 
the switch contacts.  Should be < 0.5 ohms.


So before kneeling in the snow, head first under the dash, to remove these
nasty little gems, I guess I must measure the resistance first? :-)

Do you know if the vacuum part goes bad also? 


Expecting 20cm of fresh snow tonite... I guess I won't need the cruise
control soon :-)

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