[urq] electrical?

Justin cbrooks2 at san.rr.com
Sat Dec 11 22:06:38 EST 2004

An after run relay will do the trick. It's got an internal capacitor that
charges everytime the ignition is on....so it won't drain your batt...You'll
need to figure out how to trigger it....as it is normally triggered by a
temp sensor...could use the one on the just above the wastgate...or come up
with a switch that sorts this terminal on the relay to ground when the
engine is off....
I'm currently using two on my conversion with no complaints....
I also have a couple of these relays if your in need of one..

good luck
Justin C.
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> I have solved my oxygenated fuel induced vapor lock issue by putting a
> relay on the injector fan. I trigger it when I shut down, and it runs for
> minutes, and it starts no problem. On occasion I forget to trigger it and
> without fail I will be waiting 15 minutes for cool down and restart.
> My question is- how can I wire it to trigger on shut down automatically?
> must be a momentary trigger, as the relay will reset every time the
> wire" is powered. Therefore I don't think a "normally open" or "normally
> closed"  relay will work.
> Any ideas?
> Dennis
> Denver
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