[urq] This week's issues: Cold start, Spedo, Radio

Andrew B andrew.sb at gmail.com
Mon Dec 20 17:05:22 EST 2004

This is a two part email, to keep the discussions separate:

First, I have some issues with my car I'm hoping somebody can help with.

My spedometer is going haywire.  On the way to buffalo, it would bob
severely around the speed I was going, and on occasion would jump 40
mph or so.  It would stay at 120 or so, still bobbing, for a few
seconds before returning to normal speed.  I could also tap it and it
would return.  On the return trip, it finally came to rest at about
the right speed (judging 3100 rpm to be about 80), but still made the
same wirring noise that it would make when it jumped 40mph.  Anybody
have any idea why it's doing this?  Any suggestions on a fix?

Number 2 is my radio and clock.  After a brief repair issue, I
returned to my car to find that the radio didn't have power, and
neither did the clock.  Could it be a fuse?  Which one, in an early 83
fuse box?  How do I remove the proper fuse?  I don't really have any
experience with these older fuses.

Lastly, any suggestions on cold starting?  I had a very big issue this
weekend, and I'm just wondering if you have any suggestions.  It quite
possibly was several issues outside of the weather (flooding,
battery), but even jumping it did little.

Thanks guys,

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