[urq] How to ship parts/exchange money between NA listers

Huw Powell audi at humanspeakers.com
Sun Dec 26 22:21:15 EST 2004

>>None of the local banks here in the hinterlands will even  look at a 
>>Canadian PMO.  I eventually had to just write it  off.
> I didn't know that banks would even take a U.S. PMO. It's always  been 
> my understanding that you cash a PMO, be it U.S. or Great White  North, 
> at the post office.

Not true, at least, not completely true.  I've been running a mial order 
business for 17 years, and never had any trouble depositing USPS money 
orders from customers.  That is, depositing, rather than directly 
cashing, but still - I get the money.  Ditto with the occasional 
Canadian money order/postal order (in US dollars).  Of course, I am also 
deep in (barely) blue state country, due to be annexed by Canada any day 

As far as foreign business, MC/Visa (and other majors) are the best way 
to go, but not easy for individuals doing small numbers of transactions, 
of course.

Huw Powell



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