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Chaplen, John John.Chaplen at mercer.com
Wed Dec 29 16:30:05 EST 2004

I have pulled the plug that connects to the turn signal rocker, And
directly jumped/grounded both left and right signals and all I still get
is the green arrows solid, so I don't think it's the lever/rocker on the
steering column...
But question, if a ground was say bad in the right front signal, would
it stop both sides from working? or just the right side? I have not yet
checked the grounds on front lights yet.

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	     I have had exactly this problem and it turned out to be a
mechanical problem with the flasher/hazard switch not making proper
contact when in the normal position. The turn signal indicators are
wired through the flasher/hazard switch and will not function correctly
if it is not working correctly. Try deliberately pulling the switch
rocker back towards the off position.
	     Martin Dapot 


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