[urq] Muffler replacement

Thatcher Hubbard personal at thatcherhubbard.com
Mon Feb 2 16:37:17 EST 2004

   Well, one of the first days I had the car I heard a buzzing from the 
back that turned out to be a long strip of steel that looked like it 
had formerly been a baffle in the OEM muffler, I ended up pulling it 
out with a pair of needle nose, so the car has never been quiet.  My 
primary concern is that it have a muffler that's decent that I didn't 
spend a fortune on.  The PO had had a weird extractor welded onto the 
end of the pipe at some point which I took off with a hacksaw so it was 
a single pipe exhaust anyway, I'd be fine with that right now.  It is a 
LITTLE loud with no muffler at all though.

On Feb 2, 2004, at 2:11 PM, DGraber460 at aol.com wrote:

> I have a Borla and stock unit that I sometimes swap depending on how 
> noisy I want to be.
> The stock sounds great to my taste with a gutted cat. Passes emissions 
> too.
> The Borla is louder, but not intolerable. At least not to me anyway. 
> One man's music is another man's noise and all that.
> The one thing I really don't like about the Borla is that it looks 
> like a "ricer coffee can exhuast" with one large outlet. The stock 
> dual outlet has a much classier appearance, and is deeper and less 
> raspy in nature.
> As far as sources, I have no idea. I purchased the Borla from a lister 
> that bought a car with a new unit on it and didn't like the sound.
> Dennis
> Denver

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