[urq] Severe Pinging Cured

Robin Gilmour quattroguy83 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 3 01:16:49 EST 2004

Dear Audifans:

My urq developed a severe case of pinging last time I
drove it.  At first I blamed it on low octane fuel and
the MC block I have in the car.  I noticed that the
boost gauge was slower to respond than usual.

I ran a seperate hose from the manifold to the
computer just to check if the line was leaking or not.

This cured it.  The hose was leaking and not sending
the correct pressure to the computer.



83 urq
83.5 urq
85 4000 q racecar
97 A6
01 S4
The 911 was sold and is headed for Arizona!!!!

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