[urq] Radiator Fan

Louis-Alain RICHARD laraa at sympatico.ca
Fri Feb 13 12:28:01 EST 2004

Hi Thatcher,

Got the same problem on my car, it was the internal wiring of the fan itself
that was flaky.

BTW, the 3 speed fan works like this: 
12V direct to the motor windings = high speed operation (overheating and A/C
12V through the body mounted resistor = medium speed (normal cooling when
engine is working)
12V through body mounted resistor + internal resistor = slow speed (after
run cooling, engine off).

Here too a new Bosch fan was kinda expensive so I figured a cheaper (and
maybe safer) mod.

1- A used 4000q fan (no internal resistor) is now taking care of the slow
and medium speed cooling. It was free since I yanked it from Brady's parts
car when he was not looking...
2- An additional generic Hayden cooling fan (65$CAN) was installed _in_
Front_ of the main radiator to push more air if the high speed cooling is
ever needed. Interesting add-on: since the wiring is stock, when I place the
temp lever to full cold inside the car (in fact, A/C on), only the
supplemental fan comes on, like it should with a functional A/C. I now have
a on-demand cooling fan triggered by the stock wiring and switches.

BTW, if you can find a good used one, the german-made 82-92 Jetta use the
same fan as our urQs. Must be easy to find cheap.


83 urq

-----Message d'origine-----

   I finally traced out my car's unwillingness to turn the fan on and as 
near as I can tell it's the fan itself.  I think that's good news 
because the prospect of tearing enough out of engine bay to get at the 
harness and the back of the fuse block was daunting.
   My question for all of you is this:  should I replace the fan with 
the OEM part ($189 from Blau) or go with something aftermarket?  I know 
that I can get generic fans from Jegs for a lot less than $189, but can 
they be wired up to run at three different speeds and do they flow 
enough air to keep the car cool (it's an OEM radiator and the car still 
has the aux rad in it).  Also, the idea of having a fan that takes up a 
little less space sounds okay to me to.
   Any advice you guys could pass on would be great.

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