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Not on the Urq's -- definitely on the D11's and type 44s, C4's, etc.  The
4kq and urqs simply had the front subframe/suspension assembly reversed for
all intents and purposes.

An interesting twist on this is when I went to change out the Sport Wheels
custom Eibach Urq springs for stock 85 urq's on the '83.  I had always
wondered why the back end was an inch lower than the front (veritable
go-kart) and had thought that the fronts and rears had been inadvertently
switched by mistake.  I was replacing the Bilsteins' at the same time with
3016/17's -- well, the coils on the rears almost rubbed in uncompressed
state -- due to wrong rear Bilstein Sports installed which were ~1" shorter
than the proper 3017's!  No wonder my teeth were rattling....


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> Now my memory is bad but......
> Aren't the front springs MUCH larger in Diameter then the rears ?
> Or have I just taken one to many hits off my crack pipe today
> Mark

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