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Schaible, David David.Schaible at jrspharma.com
Wed Feb 18 15:57:49 EST 2004

Does anyone run this style of led ?


David Schaible

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Great feedback ... thanks!

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> >Has anyone on the list ever tried those aftermarket replacement halogen
> >adapters/bulbs for taillight and brakelight applications?  Seems like > an
> >attractive mod -- especially for brake lights on older cars -- but I've > 
> >never gotten as far as trying them.  Anyone?
> >
> >John
> Yes John,
>  I did buy some halogen 50W 1156-type bulbs (P21W in VAG numbering) for > my
> brake/back-up lights. These bulbs are in fact a combination of a > standard
> 1156 base on which a home-décor 12V50W bulb is welded. Somebody with > time
> and little fingers can reproduce them for less than the 20 $CAN I paid > for
> each one.
> Results?
> As a brake light (and that is with a new fuse box and brake switch,
> additional ground straps and clean contacts) these bulbs are just too > slow
> to react quick enough. Too much amp draw for sure.
> And as back-up light bulbs, well, they don't produce more light than a > good
> P21W. So it was not a good 40$, if you ask...
> BTW, now I use R10W for taillights instead of the standard R5W. Much > more
> light output and no visible heat damage yet.
> HTH,
> Louis-Alain
> 83 urQ DA900463

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