[urq] S4 Brakes (G60 Girlings) onto the URQ

Jack Walker jwalker at ivey.com
Thu Feb 19 12:24:30 EST 2004

Perhaps I'm a little confused (as if if that could happen).
 Are you planning on using the rear calipers on the front of your URQ? My impression was, we use the fronts with the orginal URQ caliper bracket and a 5000 rotor on the fronts of our URQs. On the same issue is there a specific year for the 5000s we should use? Just getting started and going to be doing this soon and need the direction. Can we switch the rear S4 to the rear of the URQ, as well. I know I have seen some mention to use the V8s rears on the backs. Do either of these setups use the orginal one-piece handbrake cable.  
I have both the front and rear calipers from my 93 S4 donor car for my 20V conversion I can use.

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I know some have recommended the "all in one" cube.  I recommend for the 
extra $40, from the toolwarehouse, the "proper" caliper kit.  It will 
include proper adapter for most Audis/VW's and other popular imports. While 
the cube has its place, I tried it on pretty new Jetta calipers.  As you may 
know you have to turn while placing a good amount of pressure on the puck.  
Good luck with this tool and a sticky caliper.  (and what used calipers 
aren't?)  It is very difficult to get the required leverage with the cube, 
though obviously others have who recommended it.  Pay up andf you will have 
a quality tool for many applications that is quicker/easier to use.

Message: 2
Date: Tue, 17 Feb 2004 22:45:10 EST
From: CARDCONSYS at aol.com

        I have acquired a set of s4/S6/V8 rear Girling calipers to install 
my 83 UrQ. Can anyone please tell me how the cylinders should be retracted,
for handbrake adjustment, as there are not the usual VW/Audi large hex key
recesses but only a pair of triangular 'notches' diametrically opposed on 
circumference of the cylinders? Is there a recommended VW/Audi/Girling tool 
I need to make my own?
       Martin Dapot

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