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Please contact me directly about this.  I could have easily missed this message as I was not copied.



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I would like to be removed from the odometer gear group buy please.  I finally took out my odometer (mph) and put it side by side with the stock one (kph) and looking at them the gears are different.  So i do not need the gear.  Even though my mph one has a small crack in it, it works fine.

Heres some blurry unfocused pics for comparison..



Notice the Kph gear is missing altogether, but you can see that the spindle has much larger grooves.  I was going to take the purchased brass gear and put the kph odometer back in the car, but that's not the case now.  Does anyone have ANY idea where i might get the correct gear for my Kph odometer?

And about the dash thing... im completely sick of this:
It keeps falling on my feet while im driving.  Are there any aftermarket replacements for this?


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