[urq] Help needed: Door hinges pin replacement

Jim Haseltine jim_haseltine at ntlworld.com
Thu Feb 26 16:46:51 EST 2004

The pin actually finishes flush with the bottom of the hinge.

It just so happens that a couple of weeks ago I cut a large hunk of door
pillar from a scrap CGT. After I'd carefully removed the pieces I needed I
was left with a piece that had the lower hinge attached. Because I had
nothing better to do for a few minutes I put the hinge in my vice and
punched out the pin.

Not easy, it took some concentrated force, nothing like the light taps that
I've used to remove Ford & Rover door pins. Doing this with the hinge still
on the pillar would be difficult - I was about to suggest some sort of press
would be easier but it would need to apply major pressure - the risk of tool
failure wouold be high.


Jim Haseltine

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Anybody has a clue how to replace the door hinge pin/bushings in an urQ?

I guess 4000 doors hinges are the same, as well as type 43 cars. Same part
numbers anyway.

The pin seems to be press fit from the top but there is no opening at the
bottom to push it upwards. I tried to drill a small hole from the bottom but
the metal is at least as hard as my drill bits.

The only way I can figure now is to un-weld it from the car and weld in a
new one.  I guess there is an easier way.

Door is unbolted from the hinges but the wiring harness keeps it close to
the body. I got 2 new pins (433 831 421A) and 2 new bushings (433 831 441)

Please chime in before I attack the bottom of the hinge with my grinder.


83 urQ with a sagging driver side door

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